3 Responses to SCoRO, the Scholarly Contributions and Roles Ontology

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  3. Felipe G. Nievinski says:

    I thought the post emphasized the technicalities in detriment of the content, so I’m taking the liberty of extracting the main vocabulary and listing it in plain-text (which should also help readers find you through google):

    AUTHORSHIP CONTRIBUTION: approves final manuscript, prepares illustrations, prepares supplementary information, publishes data, revises manuscript, writes manuscript draft.

    EXPERIMENTAL CONTRIBUTION: builds and/or maintains instruments, collects data, creates novel organisms or cells, creates novel reagents, creates software, develops methodology, maintains IT infrastructure, maintains organisms or cell cultures, maintains research facility, obtains and/or prepared specimens, performs experiments, processs data, provided service, provides existing data, provides patients, provides reagents, specimens or materials, provides software, provides technical support, provides tools, equipment or facilities.

    INTELLECTUAL CONTRIBUTION: analyses data, conceives project, designs experiments, formulates research questions, interprets results, leads investigation, provides advice, undertakes modelling.

    ORGANIZATIONAL CONTRIBUTION: supervises, mentors or trains colleagues, controls project finances, ensures regulatory compliance, manages project, provides administrative support, secures funding

    PS: verbs could be harmonized, e.g., “processs data” => “processes data”, “provided service” => “provides service”.

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