SPAR Ontologies migrated to GitHub

In the first days of January, we have completed the migration of all SPAR Ontologies to GitHub. The new SPAR Ontologies GitHub Organisation includes several repositories, one for each ontology included in SPAR (see, for instance, the one for CiTO). Among the advantages of this migration, this separation of concerns will make easier to post and handle issues and to gather new feedback from the community by using the GitHub issue tracker available in each repository.

The content negotiation mechanism of all the SPAR ontologies is now handled outside the SPAR Ontologies website, by means of the service. Thus, in case of some issues in the website (e.g. server crashes), the ontologies will be reachable anyway. In addition, we have also released the new contribution guidelines for allowing the community to propose new ontologies to be added within the SPAR suite. We are now open to accept external contribution in a more structured way. To this end, we are in the process of releasing the new version of FAIR* Reviews ontology within the SPAR Ontologies, our very first early adopter of the aforementioned contribution guidelines.

Please do not forget to follow the SPAR Ontologies on Twitter for getting additional updates.

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